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I FELL SO BAD FOR THOSE UPPER CLASS TWEENS Which track starts at 1:55 min. Does one have an idea? People implicitly trust white skin, that's how the psycho was able to dupe everybody!. if this happened to me, yea id be mad at first but I'm sure they're all gonna get their money back and once I got back home all I would do is laugh. this is hilarious.


The documentary was a lot better than InternetHistorian's video, now stop the circlejerk Best mirror ever... hahahahaha I am shocked and fascinated at once.. SNOOZE who the f cares? Netflix seems to be the network of B movies recently

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Feel so sorry for the employees. Ja rule is ruthless and billy , what a POS. Sounds like a modern day Jonestown scenario. yeah thats what I want to see on Netflix a documentary where can i scrap my car for the most money where can i sell my car for the most money Remember what he almost did for the water, hahahaha the mouthwash Tryna find Tana Monju fans in the comments where can i watch when the bough breaks for free

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funny how cocky Ja Rule is in the doc when he's a one-hit wonder nobody with failed business ventures, and is a second-rate DMX. Be humble. Sit down!.

OMG! I cannot wait to laugh at rich people'smisfortune. This is gonna be the best! 😂😂😂

Almost went

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The doughface bros

Ja Rule got the bourgeoisie to PAY to go to his gulag

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Fyre festival? More like a fart festival... did the people got paid back ?

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First world problems....

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Fyre Music festival part 2: Billy McFarland is released from prison and this time the festival is in the worst section of Africa. Party Goers end up working the blood diamond mines..

Moms cling people who where scammed out of their money amazing abc

where can i buy the rubber bands for braces where can i get the best price for my car Internet Historian did it better omg this is terrible.. could some one please find JA RULE  so I can make sense all of this...WHERE IS JA?? help me ja rule.





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