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This tv serie is so funny. Im done with season 1. Cant wait for season 2 As a proud Bajan, Rihanna you rocked, I am proud of you. Nothing beats a try. Work hard and improve. Critics shut up please. Jealously is a deadly sin. Black people are naturally talented anyway.. I wonder about the need for an air filter in a boat, marine environments are relatively clean and dust/dirt free. I also think that the high humidity and a paper filter might not be compatable.


Good show .. Cute family  Doctor McCoy is in this film. very nice :) when building a boat; and you are 90% finished you only have 90% more to go. As an Asian living in Australia, I CAN RELATE Just thinking about weighing the boat. Hit the truck stop with the empty trailer. Return with the boat and trailer. Then go back with the boat, trailer, and motor. The differences are the weights.. I'm not Asian and parts of the lady remind me of my mom and parts of Eddie remind me of myself when I was younger 

I am glad that Fresh off The Boat happened. This is the first Asian-American sitcom that lasted more than one season. I am glad this show exist. This is an Asian American's dream come true!. Oh no doors closing! She got raped, a lot. Our cinema has a unique player which has no ads, and has a great download speed of movies..

the scene of the Chinese market is sooooo true, buying food there is like fighting.. That not how battleship goes it usually goes like this. E6 miss, damn it. Rip off of star trek why?? - Hoppers character was too much like Kirk cocky but brilliant - you start off with exercises that turns into invasions Overall 2/10. most awesome god dam movie ive seen in a while, its fucking amazing



You could watch it on putlocker


I keep trying to dislike it, because it's not that great when I watch it now, but it's one of the first horror movies I ever saw as a kid, it just brings back good memories. Носталгия, носталгия :).

One of my favorite movies all time


Pretty goddamn odd how like, what, 5 guys could take out a whole ship full of passangers (excluded those on the dancefloor they cut in half), i mean, why didnt the remaining passangers overwhelm the robbers?.

The moms kinda hot





  • 1000 / 1000